Frequently Asked Questions

Where are GinGingers products made?

GinGingers products are made in West Yorkshire, UK.


Are GinGingers products Vegan?

The whole GinGingers range is vegan-friendly.


Is GinGingers Cruelty-Free?

All GinGingers products are cruelty-free.


Are GinGingers products natural?

All the GinGingers products are natural. Please check each individual product for percentage.


Can I use ACV gel on my face?

Yes, our ACV gel can be used on the face, however, we always recommend a patch test before use, and advise to use in moderation and not everyday. The eye area must be avoided.


Do GinGingers products contain petroleum?

Our products do not contain petroleum


How should I look after my GinGingers products?

Store in a cool dark place, avoiding direct sunlight.


Can I use GinGingers products if I have sensitive skin?

Our ACV gel may not be suitable for sensitive skin, we always recommend a patch test, see product description for directions


Can I use GinGingers ACV Gel if I'm pregnant?

We do not see an issue with our products being used during pregnancy and postpartum however if you are concerned please seek advice from your GP.


Where can I buy GinGingers ACV Gel in store?

At the moment our products are only available direct from our website


Do GinGingers products contain sulphates?

No, all of our products are sulphate and silicone free.


Do you work with influencers?

We are happy to hear from anyone who would like to work with us, please contact us on


Do you collaborate with brands?

We would love to work with other brands, please contact us on


How much is your shipping?

Please check our Shipping and returns page for this information


How do I return something?

Please check our Shipping and returns page for this information


Where is my order?

If your expected delivery date is not met and you still have not received your order please get in touch with our customer service team on - please remember to state order number.