The Gingingers Story

It all began back in 2020 when the world was a very strange place to be!

With an unwelcome abundance of free time and a lack of interaction with the outside world, there had never been a greater need for a distraction!

Being a lifelong avid skincare fan, Tina had always been aware of what she put on her skin, but with these uncertain times and a 4 year old daughter to think about, she became more aware than ever!

Whilst looking for activities to keep her daughter, and of course herself entertained, there seemed no better time than now to explore that life long passion of formulating natural skincare.

Sat at the dinning room table with a mixing bowl and a few basic ingredients, Tina began to put together some simple formulations, with her young daughter, who she lovingly referred to as her little 'Ginginger'.

Experimenting daily, with new ingredients and different mixing methods to create all natural gels and creams, It didn't take long for the formulating bug to take hold!

Wanting to keep her little girl very much involved and part of this journey, it was important to Tina that her skincare products would not only be effective but that they help her daughter to see the importance of doing what's right for the environment and society as a whole. Each ingredient used would be natural, sourced locally and sustainably, not tested on animals and free from any toxic nasties. Any packaging would be minimal, need to be sourced responsibly and be recyclable. All formulations would be made using cold processes and with no heat involved. Collectively, this would help GinGingers become the socially responsible brand that Tina wanted them to be.

Fast forward 3 years to 2023, when normality had been restored and the little Ginginger wasn't that little any more, an awful lot of studying and research had taken place. Working closely with a university and an innovation centre, all that hard work finally came together and 'GinGingers' launched its first product.....'Apple Cider Vinegar Gel'.


Our Logo and Packaging


Our logo was designed back in 2020 by the little Ginginger herself, using a scrap of coloured paper and a felt tip pen!

Our packaging is made from 50% PCR plastic (post-consumer recycled plastic), this mean our tubes contain materials that have been
recycled from individual households, they are also fully recyclable when empty. We don't use an outer box for our products unless its for the protection of a product, we just don't see the need for unnecessary packaging.

All shipping packaging is made from recycled materials and is fully recyclable.

Logo design