The GinGingers Brand

A little bit about our vision and values!

At GinGingers, we are not just a brand who makes skin creams, we are a small family run business who cares!

We care about our environment, we care about our local communities, we care about our creams and gels delivering results and we care about generally doing the right thing, but most of all we care about you!

We want to keep everything as simple as possible, using as few ingredients as possible! We will only ever use natural ingredients and ensure that they are sourced in a responsible way. We will continue to create our skincare in an innovative way, where no heat is involved in any of the formulating processes. We do this to cut down manufacturing time and energy, thus reducing our carbon emissions and pollution, so we can help do our bit for the planet.

Where ever possible, we will incorporate waste from the food and drink industry into our products, not only to help prevent waste but to utilise valuable active ingredients that will help nourish the skin.

We want to be as transparent and as honest as possible, and we strive to build trust and earn respect. We are constantly learning and growing and would love you to join us on our journey.